Eye Care Myth#3
Buy One Get One Free Is A Great Deal

The entry of the mega-corporation into eye care has also brought Madison Ave. deception to the unsuspecting public.

The ads proclaim "Buy 1 pair and get 1 free." However, the fact is that the second pair is NOT really free because the price you pay for the two pair of eyeglasses is always more than the price for the identical two pair at the Levinson Eye Care center.

Here's why -

  1. The first pair is incredibly overpriced. We have seen some frames as much as $90 to $125 more than the identical frame at the Levinson Eye Care Center (and that doesn't even include their much higher lens cost!!!)
  2. The second pair of eyeglasses are from what the chains call their "specially tagged collection." These frames are typically closeouts, frames which aren't selling, or otherwise inexpensive frames. (At the Levinson Eye Care Center these frames are usually welfare or "third party" frames.)

Please be advised - This is the truth. We stand behind what we say!

Our Guarantee

If you purchase 2 complete pair of glasses at the Levinson Eye Care Center and you find the identical two pair anywhere else for less money, we will refund DOUBLE the difference and buy you a $100 savings bond.

We don't think anyone else will do the same.

Also, please ask yourself if you should trust the care of your eyes to those who use deceptive advertising.

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