Eye Care Myth#2:
"One-Hour" Eyeglasses are as good as
"One-Week" Eyeglasses

Independent testing has shown that "one-hour" eyeglasses can result in unsafe and inferior eyewear. For example, some retail outlets offering 1 hour service use the lowest quality lenses to greatly reduce the carrying cost of their inventory. These cheap lenses have much more distortion than the premium lenses that private doctors usually use. Not only are the optics of these lenses unsatisfactory, but tints can fade over time and the quality of the material is inconsistent

These are other examples:

  1. Glass lenses must be hardened to conform to Federal Government minimums for impact resistance. Heat and chemical tempering are the only way to achieve this. A chemically hardened lens (hardening time - 16 hours) is up to three times stronger than a heat hardened lens (hardening time - 2 to 5 minutes). Obviously, getting your glasses in an hour results in lenses that are more likely to shatter upon impact. In addition, if you wear sunsensor lenses, heat tempering causes the lenses to lose some of their darkening properties as well as lengthening the time it takes to go from light to dark and vice versa.
  2. Some sun wear found in the highway operations are sold without an ultraviolet block. This allows dangerous U.V. radiation to enter the eye. Many researchers feel that the rise in cataracts and macular degeneration over the past twenty years has resulted from this and other radiation in our environment.


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