Eye Care Myth #1:
Eyewear Purchased From Private Doctors Cost More Than Highway Outlets

Surveys tell us most people believe purchasing eyewear at a private doctor's office is more expensive than at the highway chain outlets, yet just the opposite is the truth.

Recently, private doctors have been forming buying groups to enable us to purchase eyewear at a lower cost than the chains. For example, the buying group we belong to consists of over 9500 doctors nationwide.

In addition, our other overhead (rent, advertising, etc.) is minimal when compared to the chains. That's why only The Levinson Eye Care Center can make this guarantee.

The Levinson Eye Care Center Guarantee

If within 6 months from purchase date, you find the same frame selling for less at any optical store within a 25 mile radius, we will gladly refund DOUBLE the difference and issue a $50.00 gift certificate for your next eyewear purchase.

To protect our staff and our patients we are limiting the number of people in the office.
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